Hi I'm Aleka

Transformation Coach and Business Strategist

I'm passionate about transformation and our human ability to innovate, create and manifest whatever we decide to go for. Courage, conviction, commitment and consistent action are the cornerstones of change and the blueprint for realising a vision. 

Today I have a life beyond my wildest dreams. I am in a devoted and supportive relationship with a man I respect and love. I have two beautiful, healthy, wonderful children that keep me in awe and gratitude. I have a daily yoga kriya and meditation practice that connects me to my truth and grounds me. I'm  an enthusiastic believer in the power of Gratitude.

I love my work and I feel fulfilled. I am able to make a big impact in the lives of others globally, whilst working in beautiful Dorset, England. I am living my purpose without having to sacrifice lifestyle or financial freedom. I'm fuelled by my mission and my unique brilliance – to awaken intuitive vision and empower others to believe in their dreams and themselves, so they can lead with authenticity and do the work they love. 

But it wasn't always so!

About 15 years ago I was an impending train-wreck, heading towards the abyss. I have always been a high achiever and had gained academic success at school and at Durham University, graduating with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Economics. I managed to get a job at a top investment bank in the City of London and began a seven year career in corporate banking that I didn’t love, because I believed it was expected of me. I later moved into marketing and business development in the media and digital space, but because I had never explored my purpose or nurtured my unique gifts, I became disillusioned with my life and career. I felt unfulfilled and quickly got bored, feeling evermore restless and disconnected.

This affected my motivation and I started taking less and less responsibility for my life. My self-esteem suffered. I ran away from many of my challenges and instead of getting honest with myself, I increasingly turned to alcohol for comfort and to help mask the mounting insecurity. I developed a crippling habit, which starting costing more than money. It got bad and the consequences started piling up until one day, after a series of unfortunate events, the pain was so great that I had a moment of clarity and I surrendered.

I made a decision to change everything and I committed fully to a greater Vision. I threw myself fearlessly into action. I put all my energy, focus and intention towards this new-found process and way of being, and it transformed my life. For over 12 years, I have had the privilege of helping others achieve the same transformation I achieved using this proven step-by-step system.  

I've put my unique gifts, talents, skills and experience into my coaching and I’ve harnessed my unique brilliance – to awaken intuitive vision and empower others to believe in themselves and take action – into my coaching programme.

I’m a member of The International Coach Federation (ICF) and I've trained with Alan Seale, Founder of the Centre for Transformational Presence and creator of a unique coaching methodology that harnesses our Intuitive Intelligence and taps into the energy of abundance, or the Greater Potential, that is always available. I’m currently training as a Money Breakthrough Business CoachTMa proven system that transforms service-based businesses into lucrative and authentic money-making empires.

I'm passionate about being a Transformation Coach and I uphold this calling with focus and integrity. I value working with clients that inspire me with their courage and commitment to go after their dreams and become wildly successful. I am grateful for the opportunity to continuously expand and grow towards the next level.

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If I can do it, so can you!

We live in a universe that is made up of energy. Everything is constantly changing, moving and vibrating. I have learned through my own personal experience and training as a Transformational Presence Coach to sense this energy – to trust and connect to it. The energy of abundance is the Universe’s unlimited potential. Through this unique coaching methodology I’ve learned to trust my gut feeling and let me intuitive intelligence guide me, in order to realise the highest potential in any opportunity or challenge.  

Combining this coaching methodology with a proven step-by-step system for creating and launching a service-based business, I empower those I serve to commit to a higher vision and create a business that’s connected to their purpose and passion, so they can lead with authenticity and do the work they love.

I invite you to explore your purpose, connect to your passion, commit to a higher vision and step into the Energy of Abundance 6-month business incubator.

So let’s do it – together!

If I had not made that once and for all commitment some 12 years ago to change my life completely, I wouldn’t be here today. But it took more than surrender and a decision to go all in with heart felt commitment! That was the first step.

To stay the course and make things happen, I had to have conviction and focus, and take consistent action. I had to stay accountable and have a community of people to learn from and be supported and inspired by.

If you are ready to discover, commit, take action with a proven system and step into the Energy of Abundance, get in touch with me and let’s explore the opportunity of creating your next level business!

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