Soul-driven strategy for mission-focused women

Recent events have catalysed change in our society and within ourselves. Get crystal clear about what this means for you. Book a discover call to explore how you can be a leader in your work and life to create the freedom you crave.

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Benefits of coaching with me

If you are ready for abundance and success in your life and business ā€” partnering with your innate potential and stepping into your true worth to create your soul-driven strategic life and business blueprint ā€” then join me inside The Energy of Abundance Coaching Programme.

Benefit One

Create the next level success mindset that perfectly aligns with your goals and powerfully supports you to reach them. 

Benefit Two

Craft a brand promise that captures your unique personality, spirit and passion, so you can lead with authenticity and be seen.

Benefit Three

Boost your self-esteem and confidently charge more for your services, so you can increase your worth and gain freedom.

I empower entrepreneurs to commit to a higher vision - so they can lead with authenticity and create a life of freedom - doing the work they love!

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Features of the Coaching Programme

Innovative framework for creating breakthroughs in mindset and self-worth that transform your beliefs and tap into your innate potential.

Step-by-step plan for building your unique business blueprint to create online programmes and products that sell, so your business goes evergreen.

Unique, intuitive tools and practices that align your business mission to your soul mission, delivered in one-to-one coaching sessions.

"I love my work but I wanted to find a way of doing projects more aligned with my values and what the world needs, rather than simply doing what Iā€™m good at and what clients request of me. I now have a clear vision of how I can help the world. The best part is that it no longer feels overwhelming to me. I love the fact that Alexandra has helped me see my current business as something precious to me that I do not need to reject to start something new ā€“ that it is all part of the same continuum of life and work. "

Charmian Tardieu
Business Owner, MilesFurther

Energy of Abundance Coaching Programme

Soul-driven strategy for mission-focused women


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